Services offered while you are away


Your pet sitter will visit up to three times daily for:


-Fresh water

-Exercise and playtime

-Litter box scooping

-Administering oral/topical medication


Standard visit

$20 per visit

Once, twice or three times daily

Average visit lasts  20 minutes


Home Security Visit (without pets)

$10-$25 per visit

depending on duties required

Routine services like collecting mail and packages, light plant watering, plumbing

checks, checking basement, piano/humidifier maintenance, ornamental pond checks.


Lunch Express visits

$10 per visit

Up to 10 minutes

For a quick walk or back yard potty break

Rate available Monday through Friday ONLY

From 11:00am - 3:00pm in Plaza-Midwood area


One Way pet transport


Within general service area

Excellent pet care is our priority, but we also:

-Bring in packages, mail and newspapers

-Turn on/off lights inside and outside for lived in look

-Roll out trash and recycle bins on schedule

-Open and close drapes and blinds

-Light plant watering


Extended visit

$40 per visit

Once or twice daily

60 minutes


Daily Dog Walks or Back Yard Potty Breaks

$15 per visit

Up to 20 minutes

Rate available Monday through Friday ONLY

From 11:00am - 3:00pm in general service area


Lock Out Rescue

If you need key delivery to your home in case of lock out or other emergency

$10 if I have key and am out and about

$25 for special trip to retrieve key from my home office and deliver to you




Round Trip pet transport


Within general service area

Waiting with pet at vet

$60 per hour


$10 to administer subcutaneous fluid therapy during a scheduled visit


Other Service Information

- We always drive unmarked vehicles to insure your privacy and discourage would-be intruders.

- Walks and potty breaks are available as a standard $20 visit outside of the Monday through Friday 11:00am -3:00pm time slot and outside the general service area.

- We still don’t charge extra fees for extra pets, reservation cancellation fees, holidays, weekends, administering oral or topical medications, belly rubs or kisses. Complex    visits that take longer than 20 minutes may incur additional charges. Rates will be confirmed during your in home consultation and at each reservation confirmation.


Services we do NOT offer

- No ‘every other day” visits. 48 hours is too long for any pet to be alone. One visit per 24 hour minimum is best for your pets.

- We cannot feed LIVE feeder fish or mice to your pets. Crickets and mealworms are okay. Frozen/thawed pinky mice or processed raw meats okay.

- No house sitting or overnight stays. We have pets and families at home who would miss us too much.

- No service to large apartment complexes or condominiums. If i can park my car and see your front or back door from my parking space,  I can help you. If you live in     apartments or condominiums that require key fobs or cards we cannot keep on file or requires dealing with concierge services to gain entry or parking in a parking deck,   I cannot help you.